Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary – Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th May 2020

Sunday 24th May

Pray for William as he comes to the end of his Moderatoral year and soon tries to settle back into ministry at Maze and Ballinderry, amidst the coronavirus fallout. Pray also for his upcoming new role as Clerk of Dromore Presbytery.

Monday 25th May:

Looking Forward – Read Romans 8 v 18-27

This world, and each of us, are not what we were meant to be. But one day, we will be. This certainty is what Paul refers to in this passage as “hope”. We live in a world that is caught in a continuous cycle of death, but we have this hope that as children of God, we will one day be completely, totally free from the effects of sin and death in our bodies and spirits through the victory over death that Christ achieved on the cross.

Pray – Thank God for sending his son so that we will one day share in his glory. If there are issues that you don’t know how to pray for, bring them before God now, trusting the Spirit to take your thoughts and emotions and to pray on your behalf. Ask for an eager patience about the new creation.

Tuesday 26th May:

Pray for our young people and children who would have been looking forward to summer outreach teams and camps but now find these cancelled. Pray that they would use their time wisely over the summer months.

Wednesday 27th May:

Confident Christianity – Read Romans 8 v 28-30

We can be confident people – But this confidence isn’t in ourselves, or in our circumstances. We shouldn’t be shocked by the tragedies and hardness of life – we shouldn’t expect things naturally to work for good. When something works out for good, it is all and only because of God’s grace, working for us, his children, who love him. When something goes “wrong”, we still know with absolute certainty that God is working good for us. God foreknew his people – before the beginning of time. He set our destination, planning for us to be with him in glory. As we believed, he justified us – declared and treated us as righteous and blameless. And one day, he will glorify us – making us perfect in body and soul.Pray- Use these verses to fuel your thanks to God for what he has done, is doing and will do, for you.

Thursday 28th May:

Pray for the work of Prison Fellowship. At a recent prayer day the following points were highlighted as areas for prayer:

  • Pray for a man who is being released from Maghaberry soon, after a long sentence. He is seeking a relationship with God and although he hasn’t made a commitment, he’s reading his Bible and asking many questions.
  • Pray for the young men in Hydebank Wood who started the Alpha Course before Covid 19 lockdown. Pray they will remember what was said and turn to God for help at this time.
  • Pray for Prison Fellowship itself, as it is having to adapt and change how it helps those who have been supported over the last number of years. Pray for safety for all staff as they continue to carry out emergency and essential visits to those in need. It can be very difficult and stressful to prioritise and meet this need. Pray for all those who have provided emergency food, essential supplies, clothes, creative items (art, books, music), helped with household bills and everything else that has been delivered to homes as part of the Aftercare Service.
  • Please remember in prayer all the volunteers who assist Prison Fellowship (including those from our own congregation). Pray for wisdom as volunteers face new challenges in relation to Covid 19.
  • Give thanks for a man recently released from Magilligan; he attended Prison Fellowship meetings while he was in prison. Give thanks that he has got a job and is so grateful that he has. Pray for him as he establishes himself back into the community.
  • Pray for prison staff. Who continue to work in challenging circumstances, with often limited resources and additional pressures placed on the, by Covid 19.

Friday 29th May:

If God is for us… – Read Romans 8 v 31-39.

God is working for his children’s good. He has foreknown, predestined, called and justified us, and will glorify us. If the God who has purposed our glory is all-powerful, why be afraid of any opposition? If the God who has purposed our glory has already given us his most precious possession – his own son – why worry about our needs? God’s love for us doesn’t depend on our attitudes or actions – if it did, we couldn’t be certain about life and the future. It rests entirely on his decision and plan. So nothing can separate us from it. We can live with overwhelming assurance.
Pray- Spend time thanking God that nothing can separate you from his love.

Saturday 30th May:

Pray for the children and young people for whom attending our Church organisations is their only contact with Church. Pray that God will make Himself known to them despite the loss of their contact with Church and that they want to return once restrictions are lifted.

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