Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary


As we take the first steps today on our journey back to normal (or new normal) pray for those taking part in today’s live service. Pray and give thanks for the Covid-19 Group for all the work they have undertaken to ensure we can begin the re-opening process.


We often pray specifically for those in our congregation who carry burdens that they make known to us. There are however many in the congregation who can’t for various reasons make their burden or difficulty known. Please take time today pray for these who may have health, relationship, financial, employment problems and concerns. Pray that they will simply take their burden to the Lord and seek His wisdom and guidance.


Pray for discernment of how God would like you to set your priorities and the ability to focus on them consistently to fulfil His purposes in your life.


Continue to pray for the ministry team, Ken, Zach, Donald as they step down this month and James and Rachael as they continue. Give thanks for their leadership and challenging ministry over the past year.


Many members of our congregation will be on holiday this month. Pray that they will have an enjoyable time and that they will be kept safe and return both physically and spiritually refreshed.


Pray for all those who lead and organise the many church activities, Sunday Club, Bible Class, Children’s Church, Creche, Parents and Toddlers, Craft Club, Tuesday Club, Pathfinders, Women at Maze, Men at Maze, DOE, Youth Fellowship, Fellowship Groups, Walking Group etc. These folks will be planing how and when and what changes they will have to make as and when they resume their activities.


Remember the children in our congregation, the past few months have been both disruptive and challenging for them. Uncertainty with regard to education, loss of contact with school friends, not fully understanding restrictions etc; pray that they will be protected and that nothing will impair their love for Jesus.

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