Coming Back Together

In line with the general movement of society over the next few months, we will be having a focus on getting as fully engaged in ministry and mission as it’s possible to be. 

You will be aware that the Session have been praying and reflecting on the way forward into the year ahead. Following this prayerful pause, we have met with the leadership of all of our organisations. We are convinced of our role within the kingdom of God to honour Jesus where he has placed us to serve him. 

God has continued to bless us even through this strange and disjointed time of Covid-19. We have all been learning lessons personally and have been reminded of what is most important as individual disciples of Jesus and as part of a wider church family. God has put a desire for fellowship within our hearts and is calling us to continue to be missional in reaching out to others with the Good News. We will have a priority of stimulating and deepening our experience of fellowship and how we can serve together in mission. 

Current guidelines permit all of our organisations to run in a reasonably full way. Each organisation will therefore want to create space to meet and have a programme over the next 3 months. Although it is the summer and many will be away at some points, we will still be running events that are safe in terms of current regulations and encouraging participation from everyone! Many organisations have already planned a few events for June and beyond. Some of the Fellowship Groups might be planning meet ups at the church etc. As government guidelines continue to relax, more options will open up. As a reminder – the Risk Assessment that needs to be completed for any organised event is now on the website. 

New guidelines specifically for youth ministry have just been issued by PCI

The future is still somewhat unclear, but we know our experience of coming back to worship in person has been positive and we will be building on that over the coming months. We know we have done this safely! (our Covid Group has done an excellent job in pointing the way ahead). 

The Session will continue to monitor and oversee the resumption of congregational activities and will prioritise which organisations are to return as and when we are led. One thing we know is that we will have lots of opportunity for service and leadership in the weeks and months ahead. We would like all the members of our congregation at this stage to reflect and pray about how you might be involved in the mission of MazePC in the future. How has God blessed you? How has he equipped you? What gifts for ministry and leadership have you been given? We will want to ensure that you have ample opportunity to serve and live out your calling as a follower of Jesus. Watch this space!!