Creche Arrangements During Covid 19 Pandemic

The church wants to support people with young families who may need to avail of creche during the church service. To date there has been limited use of the creche and so we are introducing this new protocol to see if this is more useful to parents. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback or suggestions by emailing

· Parents can now take their children into the creche area during church, but they will need to supervise the children themselves.

· A max of 4 adults plus their children are allowed into creche at any one time and this must not be exceeded. This is to ensure that adequate social distancing can be maintained

· An attendance sheet will be on the door and as you enter please sign the parent/carer in. If all four places have been allocated, then you will not be able to use creche that day. Please remember if you need a quiet room to settle a child the nursing room is available beside the creche.

· Please ensure that you wear your mask and that a social distance of 2m from other parents is retained. There are a number of seats placed around the room for parents.

· Toys will be set out in several different areas to encourage children to play separately as much as possible, but we are aware that social distancing is difficult for children of this age.

· The number and type of toys available in creche have been reduced, so that they are able to be easily wiped during or after creche Please help us by wiping down any toys or table-tops/chairs that your child has been using before you leave creche. There will be wipes available for this on the table by the door.

· Children should not bring their own toys to creche, except if they have a comfort toy that they rely on.

· Toileting/nappy changing facilities are available in the creche area or in the toilets in the welcome area. Toilet seats, flush handle, water tap and door handles and changing surfaces should be wiped with antibacterial wipe’s after each use (instructions are in each toilet area).