Creche Arrangements During Covid 19 Pandemic

The church wants to support people with young families who may need to avail of creche during the church service. In order to do this safely the following protocol will be in place for creche at Maze during this time. Unfortunately, parents will not be able to go into creche with their children at present, however if any parents would like to join the rota for creche then your help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your patience at this time.

  1. Numbers in creche are reduced to 6 children. Places in creche can be booked by emailing Reducing the number of children in creche reduces potential contact between children. However, we do realise that children of this age do not socially distance well and will possibly play together at some point.
  2. There will be three creche leaders per session (to meet child protection guidelines). Creche leaders must maintain 2m social distancing from each other where possible, unless they are from the same household. Creche leaders will be able to interact with children as necessary.
  3. All creche leaders and children entering and leaving creche will sanitised their hands. Wipes will be available for small children.
  4. The number and type of toys available in creche have been reduced, so that they are able to be easily wiped during or after creche. Toys will be set out in 6 areas to encourage children to play separately.
  5. Children should not bring their own toys to creche, except if they have a comfort toy that they rely on.
  6. Toileting of small children or changing nappies: creche leaders will wash their hands or wear gloves before /7 after toileting/changing a child. Children will hand wash after using the toilet. Please use changing surface/toilet within the creche. Toilet seats, flush handle, water tap handles and changing surface will be wiped after each use.
  7. Parent/Carers will not be allowed into creche, children will be dropped at the door by one parent/carer and the child’s and parent’s/carer’s name noted in the creche book. Parent/carer should maintain social distancing if queuing. When picking up a child at the end of the service, please wait until the congregation in the welcome area has cleared first.
  8. If a child is not settling in creche, or becomes upset and requires a parent/carer, the parent/carer will be informed and will collect the child at the door of creche. The nursing room (formally the prayer room) is available if they require somewhere to settle a child.
  9. Following creche, the leaders should wipe any toys used, table-tops, chairs and any other touch points e.g. door handles, light switches etc before leaving (following the recommended guidelines).