Return to Church Update

Following on from our update last week, Session have now signed off the Covid-19 Group’s plans for our return to worship and these are outlined below. We are acutely aware that some in our congregation are keen to return immediately while others will feel unable to do so at this stage. Each of our circumstances are different and it is important that you take your own situation into account when deciding when you return and not to feel pressured either way, by others. We look forward to seeing you back at Church whenever that time comes and pray, that in the meantime, our online access will be beneficial to you.

We are planning a phased return as outlined below:

SundayPlanned Activity
12 JulyCurrent “lockdown” arrangements continue to apply.
19 JulyThe service will be broadcast live from our premises with worship led by our praise group. Everyone in the congregation is asked to please watch the service online (or listen to the CD).
26 JulyThe service will again be broadcast live with live worship. Those who consider themselves vulnerable but wish to have an opportunity to contribute using their FWO envelopes, may leave their offering in the welcome area of the church from 11:00-11:25am. These (but only these) individuals may remain for the service. If you are not in a vulnerable category, please be patient and continue to watch online to give “space” for our vulnerable members.
2 AugEveryone is welcome to physically attend our services or watch online.

The key things to note for our return are:

  • Social distancing of 2m will apply, 4m from the praise team and minister
  • Overflow areas will be used rather than limiting numbers that can attend
  • In the main Church, please sit in households, with 4 seats gap between households
  • Please always follow any signs and directions from ushers
  • Attendance will be recorded and then kept for 3 weeks to assist with contact tracing (If possible, please download and complete a form in advance.)
  • The Service
    • Reduced to around 45 minutes
    • Congregational singing will only take place at the end of the service, allowing those uncomfortable with this to depart early
    • No Creche or Children’s Church will be available
    • A children’s address will be included but children will remain with their household o Children’s worksheets can be printed at home in advance
  • The wearing of face coverings is strongly recommended
  • Please use sanitiser on entry and exit from the buildings
  • Please keep the use of the toilet facilities to a minimum and use the cleaning materials provided
  • Additional cleaning of door handles and other key surfaces will be done before each service

The plans will be kept under review and updated in line with any changes to guidance from PCI and/or the Northern Ireland Executive. A more detailed plan is available at