Sunday 22 November

Ever since returning from Lockdown we have been growing in confidence about how we can still be church in wildly different days – we have got used to masks, recognising each other by just looking at our eyes, waving at a distance – but still managing to catch up with folks and encouraging one another to keep God first. Each week we’ve had a good age spread of all our regulars! But we recognise that some members would dearly love to meet again with God’s people but are a little reluctant because they don’t want their young kids being a distraction to others! (though we have always maintained noise is a sign of life!)

So we are going to try something different from Sunday 22nd November. We are encouraging everyone with young kids to go straight to the main hall to worship where we will sit in family groups. When there’s a good crowd of families – you will instantly feel part of God’s people. We will work hard to make this work. The hall won’t feel cold or look cold. There will be the excitement of being together in God’s house. Some of the service will be live from the hall, some will be a video feed from the church where the rest of our church family will be worshipping.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 22nd November!