About Maze Presbyterian Church

Maze Presbyterian Church

About us

Maze is a congregation of about 230 families set in the heart of the community which it serves. It is a very homely congregation, with a friendly atmosphere, and lots of activities throughout the week catering for all ages.

New buildWhile the church building we meet in has been here for 150 years the congregation itself has grown a lot in the last 10-20 years creating the need to enlarge the church and erect new halls. The Sunday morning gathering has a young feel and everyone is made very welcome and at ease so that one of our priorities of ministry is to the many young families who attend and reaching out to the community surrounding our premises.

Further growth required another historic step for the congregation which was completed in 2014. This required the demolition and compete rebuild of the church building itself and the creation of a new welcome area and a purpose built creche.

Leadership at Maze Presbyterian Church


Rev William Henry

William originally studied to be a chemist at Queens but felt the call of God to the full time ministry. He then entered the ministry of the Presbyterian church, studying at Union Theological College and serving an Assistantship at Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church.

He came to Maze in January 1997. He is married to Nora with three children: Bethany, Megan and Connor.

Clerk of Session

George Browne


Mr B AdamsMr A Irvine
Mr C BellMr R Watson
Mr J BrownMr A Martin
Mr A GibsonMr H McKendry
Dr P HannaMr A Peoples
Mr S HoustonDr G Redpath
Mr K IrwinMr S Swan

Elder Emeritus

Mrs B BellMr L Bell
Mr D Adams


Robert ClelandGiles Page
Dale GillCaroline Patton
Peter HannaKeith Redfern
Annette HarteDiane Rosbotham
Mark KirkwoodTrevor Shannon
Florence LeathemEleanor Sufferin
Brian MillerJacqueline Swan
Edna MoneypennyValerie Wallace
Paul Young