Special Needs

Special Needs

Every child and adult should have the opportunity to learn all about Jesus in a safe and loving environment. As a church we wish to welcome anyone that comes to worship with us.

The building itself is accessible for anyone who uses a wheelchair; including a ramp into church, accessible toilets and the flexibility of being able to remove any chairs in the church so you can choose where you would like to be.

A loop system for people who are hearing impaired.

We have a large informal link area into the church, which has sofas and a coffee area. The service’s audio is played here and volume can be adjusted to suit particular needs. This area also has large windows looking into the church and TV screens with the song words on it so you can still be part of the service even if the main church area is to difficult to be in.

All our organisations welcome anyone with special needs.

  • Sunday Club has offered a buddy service for children who attend with special needs. Using visual schedules when needed.
  • Children’s church for those with special needs- this runs once a month and is during the sermon when all children go out to Children’s church. Each child is accompanied by 2 adults and given the choice of joining the other children or going to a quiet room where they can do activities more tailored to their interests and abilities, such as; biscuit decorating, play dough, looking at books.

1 Corinthians 12: One body, many parts

Please contact us if you, or a family member has special needs and you want to know more before visiting us.

Contact person: Catherine Page

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