Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups

Come along to one our Fellowship groups, there are some details below on our current study.

We all have a life on the frontline in the world that’s significant to God. But can we see how God has been working in and through us? Can we imagine what work God might do in and through us on our daily frontlines?

How can we be fruitful on our frontlines? How can we show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people we meet out in the places we usually find ourselves – at the shops or in the gym, at work or at the school gate? This liberating resource offers a fresh, simple framework for discovering a rich variety of ways in which God may work in us and through us right where we are.

Each session includes an 8-13 minute film, a Bible study, discussion questions and a takeaway action to help connect the theme to your frontline. Shot both on location and in a studio, and accompanied by quirky animations, the films explore six dimensions of fruitfulness through biblical lenses and real-life stories.


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Tuesday Groups
36 The Hermitage: Annette Harte 8pm
151 Ballynahinch Road, Dromore: Robert and Helen Watson 8pm
21 Wellington Park Close, Maghaberry: Mark and Paul Kirkwood 8pm
Aghalee/ Maghaberry : Mark & Paula Kirkwood 8pm
15 Willow Lodge Maghaberry : Tom and Kathryn Kelsey (Young Adults Group) 8pm
Wednesday Groups
Church Welcome Area: Melanie Cleland 9:30am
2 Orchard Grange: Stewart and Heather Houston 8pm
38 Kesh Road: Brian and ‘Lome Adams 8pm
9 Clover Lane Maghaberry: Jonny and Julie Brown 8pm