Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups

Some of our fellowship groups will be continuing to meet together online through Microsoft Teams.

Please contact your Fellowship Groups leader to find out how to connect to the next meeting or use the link below and we will help you out.

Our Current Study

Community Bible Experience.

Read and engage with Scripture in a whole new way!

Community Bible Experience is a simple but revolutionary idea: what if we gave people a Bible without verse numbers, chapter numbers and all the other things that interrupt the text and invited them to read a whole section of the Bible all the way through?

What if you read the whole Bible in this way, in community – more like a book club than a Bible study, where people can get together, and share their questions and encouragements? What if we did this in major languages all around the world, inviting millions to join Jesus in his story of making all things new?

Through Community Bible Experience, you can go beyond reading the Bible in fragments and in isolation. You can experience the whole story, so that you and your church can live a new story.

The accompanying book is available for £5. If you want a copy they will be available from church. You will need to say you want one – which you can do by emailing info@mazepc.org or speak to the greeters on the door at church

To listen to these New Testament readings in the correct order over the next 16 weeks – you will need to listen to half of the daily audio file as we are reading at half speed (we are doing the course in 16 weeks not 8 weeks!). With book you will receive a reading plan so you will be able to work out where you should be each day 

Fellowship Group Venues

(Fortnightly at 8pm (Unless otherwise stated)

  • Joe Cole (Brian Adams’ Group) Wednesday nights – 07477 582530
  • Annette Harte – Tuesday nights – 07757 712142
  • Brian Bell (Stewart Houston’s Group) Wednesday nights – 07710 974641
  • George Brown – Wednesday nights – 07706 053576
  • David Patton (Jonny Brown’s Group) Wednesday nights – 07876 562593
  • Harry McKendry – Tuesday nights –  07748 158679
  • Kathryn Kelsey (parent’s & tots group) Friday mornings – 07732 011396
  • Melanie Cleland – Wednesday mornings – 07702 419799
  • Robert Watson – Tuesday nights – 047575 847877
  • Trevor Shannon/Mark Kirkwood – Tuesday nights – 07734 440147 / 07763 530200
  • Brian Miller – Wednesday nights – 07734 583589
  • David Morrow (Young Adults Group) – Time TBC – 07710 257145