Other Youth Ministries

Other Youth Ministries

Childrens Church

All those aged 8 and under may leave church before the sermon to take part in childrens’ activities, in the Upper room. Older children who stay in church may pick up a worksheet from the Communion Table to be used during the sermon.

This is a vital area of service in our church, which needs many helpers of all ages – grandparents, parents and young people. If you would like to form part of the rota please contact us using the details below.

Who / When / Where

Main Contact William Henry
When Children leave after the collection on a Sunday Morning
Where Lounge
Age Group Age 8 and Under


You can drop your kids at the crèche which starts 20 minutes before church starts and goes right through to the end of the service. If you are anxious that your child is unsure of his surroundings and you might want to be closer to your child and still be a part of the Sunday service, you can stay in the Link area between the church and hall which has full sound relay from the church and full visibility of the front of the church.

We have an excellent team of experienced helpers – you can even stay yourself at first until your child gets used to it.

Who / When / Where

When During Morning worship
Where Lounge

Parents and Toddlers

A great group that meets in a safe environment where parents, carers and their children can play and socialise alongside each other. Juice and toast is available for the toddlers and tea/coffee for the adults.

There is a large and varied supply of toys and equipment for the kids to enjoy.

Who / When / Where

Main Contact Mrs K Kelsey
When We meet every Thursday in the Creche Area from 9.30am – 11.30am.
Where Creche Area
Age Group New-born infants to pre-school children and their parents or carers